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What We Are About

Rancho Cucamonga Enterprise GIS (REGIS) Connect is dedicated to providing clients with customized quality enterprise Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services, solutions, and customer service through a shared services model, meeting and exceeding the needs and requirements of clients.

Shared Services Approach

In the current economic landscape, local governments face ever-increasing challenges to provide excellent service to their residents or constituents with limited resources. This environment creates the need for agencies to explore new ways to improve efficiency in processes and workflows in the organization, increase productivity with limited resources, and have a clear return on investment, in order to meet the demand.

"The Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District has been very fortunate to be the beneficiary of the tremendous work of the Rancho Enterprise Geographic Information System (REGIS). The staffs in GIS and Fire have forged a strong working relationship over the past several years. This alliance has led to cutting edge implementation of many specialized GIS products directly applicable to the unique public safety mission of the Fire District through REGIS."

Mike Bell, Fire Chief (Retired)
Rancho Cucamonga
Fire Protection District
Special Achievement in GIS Award 2014

This is where Geographic Information Systems (GIS) comes into play, and excels as a unique and powerful system of services and tools. When implemented properly with a clear understanding and a defined strategic plan, GIS can significantly help an organization improve efficiency and customer service, increase productivity and provide a clear return on investment. GIS is an invaluable decision-making tool providing timely information by mapping and analyzing data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in a way that is quickly understood, easily shared, and can be used at all levels of the organization.

REGIS Connect, comprised of our team of professionals with extensive expertise in GIS technology and years of experience in city and local government service delivery, strives to provide services and solutions in a shared services approach, that is, building relationships with client cities and agencies and “sharing” our resources including our knowledge, expertise, and experiences in order to meet the goals and needs of each unique organization. Through this approach, we can help client cities and agencies build a common operational framework of information to improve the sharing of timely information as well improve the decision-making process within the organization, with constituents and other agencies, in a cost-effective way.

We can help you!

REGIS Connect provides full-service enterprise GIS consulting and support services. Plus our services and products will be tailored to the individual needs of your client agency or department.


GIS Strategic Planning

Help clients explore new ways to leverage GIS technology in order to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and improve customer service to their constituents and clients.

GIS Data Design and Development

Provide GIS database design and development. REGIS Connect will help plan and implement a centralized and secured GIS database consisting of various geospatial data from the departments in the client city and allowing for data sharing among departments.

Application Development

Design, develop and deploy complete, customized, enterprise-wide, and user-friendly GIS applications including web GIS, desktop GIS, departmental intranet or public GIS solutions, and mobile or field data collection applications, as well as programs to automate work processes.


Provide comprehensive, hands-on training and support in GIS software including ESRI’s complete platform, ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions, Server, ArcSDE, Mobile, and ArcPad, GPS data collection using GPS hand-held units and devices, data conversion and integration, and in the customized applications that REGIS Connect develops for clients.

GIS Project Management

Provide all levels of project management including assessing needs, scheduling tasks, progress monitoring and organizing deliverables in order to ensure that products and solutions are delivered on schedule and on budget.

GPS Data Collection

REGIS Connect has extensive experience in GPS data collection using (Trimble and Apple iPad) GPS hand-held units and devices to collect data in the field, and will translate that information into meaningful and reliable GIS data layers that can be stored in an enterprise GIS database.

Customized Map Production

Design and create customized mapping products to support each of the departmental needs of the client city or organization, as well as to the public, including customized electronic or hardcopy maps and map books.

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